Housecleaning Jams

A music playlist for chores

February 26th, 2024

Here’s some random inspiration for your week. I was doing dishes while listening to this hard German techno set:

I love this kind of stuff, almost too much. Makes me feel like I just popped the drug from the movie Limitless.

Then I wondered what my IndieWeb buddies put on when they need to get motivated, so I pinged the chat room and this is what came back:


Gregor says: “Depends on the mood, usually something synthpop or electronic rock. The Naked and Famous’ Passive Me, Aggressive You is a staple.”


Kevin says: “I play really old school jaz when I am doing a big tidy up.”


James picked Taylor Swift and Tantek asked our friendly bot Loqi to decide between 1989 or Midnights. 1989 won. The A.I. overlords have spoken. And listened, apparently.


Jake says: “One of the best punk albums ever recorded. A modern masterpiece from front to back. And an extra song! Been a Briefs fan for so long, they just get better and better somehow.”

Now it’s your turn

What about you? What kind of music puts you in the mood to tidy up? Drop me a line about a song or album you like and why.

Happy cleaning!