Al Abut

Designer, crimefighter

Dribbble Instagram

I design software

Web & mobile apps

Started a YC company

Been working at startups since 2007

I love visual design

It pays to sweat the details

Craft my own HTML/CSS

Was a developer before becoming a designer

I use a lot of paper

Nothing's faster or more creative

I run usability tests

It's my favorite research tool

I'm a night owl

productive insomnia

I'm very particular about my workspace

It has to be just so

Born in Istanbul

Not Constantinople

Grew up in California

Skate, surf & BMX

San Diego is my hometown

Went to college in La Jolla

I studied biology

Did neuroscience research for 3 years

I have a lovely wife

She's the nicest person I know

We have two tiny dogs

They're our furbabies

I love science

Both real & sci-fi

Played soccer my whole life

Blew out my knee trying to go pro

I love to travel

And explore the planet

So does my baby

I'm a lucky guy

We love Amsterdam

Went on our honeymoon

We really love Hawaii

Went to Maui twice last year

Learned to scuba

Saw turtles & a manta ray

Even went freediving

Through a cave with a sleeping shark

I love exploring San Francisco

It's relaxed yet metro

The food here is legit

Especially the coffee

The music scene is vibrant

Live shows cleanse my soul